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This is Pastor Sean Cole and I am thankful you’ve taken the time to check out our blog. Here’s just a brief bio of me to help you get to know me better.

Here is my personal mission statement:

My personal mission is to live as an authentic follower of Christ and a man of integrity whose first priority is to shepherd, lead, and love my wife and boys.  My desire is to grow in intimate fellowship with Christ through daily prayer, a lifestyle of worship, and Bible study so I can consistently display God’s glory.  I desire to serve as a pastor who leads with vision and cares with compassion as I fulfill God’s purpose of declaring the gospel  through the primacy of preachingpersonal witnessing and through healthy relationships in the church.  I desire to build a team of committed disciples around me for accountability, mentoring, and shared ministry in order to be a good steward of the gifts and resources with which God has graced me.

I have a wonderful wife, Dawn, and two boys, Aidan and Zachary. I have been pastor at Emmanuel since 2005. I have a Master’s of Divinity from Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention and a Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I also serve as an adjunct professor of Old and New Testament Studies at Colorado Christian University.

I enjoy reading books on theology, playing basketball, hiking in the mountains, listening to classic rock and 80’s music, taking my wife out on dates, wrestling with my boys, preaching, and discipling men.


7 thoughts on “Pastor Sean’s Bio

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  2. Brother Sean I have been made aware of the book and movie, The Shack, and have been doing research on YouTube about the book and the author. One of the videos on YouTube referenced your article, The Shack: A Pastoral Review of the Popular Novel, posted on the web site of Pulpit and Pen. After viewing several videos and thus learning of the heresy’s presented in the book and movie, I was searching for a condensed summation of the heresy’s to share with folks on facebook and wound up at your well written article.

    I send this note as a great big THANK YOU for your article about this. I am using it to warn and inform everyone I can about the dangers of this material. I hope you will not mind my doing that.

    Sincerely, your brother in Christ Jesus, Andre’ Landrum

    • Thanks Andre, Feel free to use the article in whatever way is helpful. It is public on Pulpit and Pen and I want it to be a blessing to believers so that they can warn people of the dangers of the Shack. Blessings my brother.

  3. Dr. Cole, I listened to Pastor DeYoung on Frances and Friends (Family Worship Center/SBN) on Saturday, April 22, 2017, as the book, “The Shack,” was being discussed. Just by chance, I had turned to this program. Mr. DeYoung did not have a favorable opinion of the book. As I listened to the discussion, I searched the internet to see what was being said about the book. I came across your well-written article and was blessed by reading it. I was recently offered a copy of this book by a fellow student in the doctorate of theology program that I am enrolled in. I had seen it on the shelf in places where books are sold; but, I knew little about it. I told the person who offered me the book that I did not wish to read it. I now know that this was by divine direction of the Lord. Through my prayer life and studies of the Scripture, I know that God gives His people the direction in which to go–seen and unseen. Praise be to our Savior.

  4. I liked your review of The Shack, and while I agreed with most of it, I did not like how you kept referring to Papa as a large African-American woman. Her size and her ethnicity don’t seem to bring much to the review or the point of the movie. I think God is absent of any particular ethnic background and Jesus was clearly of Middle Eastern descent. You used the word large a few times, and it just didn’t site well with me. I have no comment on the ethnicity, because any time you have an actor portray God, you will never be accurate with a physical human body representation. Anyway, just my thoughts. I appreciate your review.

    • Phil, thanks for this insight. This is a good correction that I need to own up to. Ethnicity and size are not pertinent to the theological issues presented in the book. Thanks for the comment and I receive it as a needed correction.

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