About Us

Emmanuel Baptist Church exists to display God’s glory, declare God’s gospel, and disciple for God’s Great Commission. We are a conservative, evangelical, gospel-centered, Reformed church that affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Colorado Baptist General Convention.

We were founded in 1954 by a group of faithful believers who wanted to see an indigenous expression of a Baptist church in Sterling, CO. In 2009, we moved into our new facility on Ballpark Road.

These are our core values as a church:

  • The glory and supremacy of the Tri-Une God in all things must be put on display by us as His people
  • The power of the gospel for everyone who believes must be shared with all peoples
  • The mandate to make disciples of all nations must be taken seriously
  • Expository preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of God’s Word
  • Gospel-centered relationships where we can faithfully practice the “one another’s”
  • Ongoing repentance marks the life of a believer
  • Strategic Evangelism and church planting–especially among unreached people groups
  • Prayer as the fuel for everything we do
  • Believers using their time, talents, and treasures to sacrificially serve Christ and others
  • A culture of humility and authenticity

For a full statement of what we believe, please click here:


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