Does it matter HOW we worship God?

Is there a way to actually worship God in an inappropriate manner? Does God care about HOW we worship Him just as much as He does that we simply worship Him?
Uzziah was the King of Israel whose reign started when he was sixteen years old and lasted 52 years. Over time, this faithful king grew complacent and developed a sense of pride in that he was “untouchable” and could do whatever he wanted to do. In 2 Chronicles 26, we find the story of how he acted impatiently and presumptuously and incurred that anger of the Lord.
2 Chronicles 26:16 says, “But when he was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction. For he was unfaithful to the LORD his God and entered the temple of the LORD to burn incense on the altar of incense. “ This was a grievous offense for only the priests were ordained by God to enter the temple and offer sacrifices. No king, no matter how long he had served, was given permission to do this. Yet, in his arrogance, he thought that he could break God’s commands and just casually enter the temple himself.

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A Lengthy but Engaging Post from John Piper on Repentance


Letter to a Friend Concerning the So-Called “Lordship Salvation”

February 1, 1990 | by John Piper | Topic: Regeneration / New Birth



Explanatory Note: In the February, 1989 issue of The Standard, the journal for news and comment of the Baptist General Conference, I published a very affirming review of John MacArthur’s book, The Gospel According to Jesus (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1988). One respected and effective minister of our fellowship responded to me with serious concern about what I was saying. The gist of his concern is seen in a few excerpts from his letter. I am going to change a few details so as not to draw attention to any one individual, because my friend speaks for many.

He said, “Near the age of fifteen I accepted Christ as my Savior. As I look back on my life, I can see He had powerful influence during my late teen years and early twenties. In my late twenties I began to be aware of the concept of Christ as Lord. As I investigated that concept and struggled with it, I realized that for Christ to be Lord, I had to submit everything to Him. In my early thirties I did just that. The concept of ‘lordship salvation’ that you support would mean that had I died at age twenty-two, that is, before Christ was Lord, I would not have gone to Heaven.”

Dear Friend!

Thank you for taking time and interest to respond to my review of John MacArthur’s book, The Gospel According to Jesus. I have heard of your love for Christ and your faithfulness in evangelism and discipling. This is plain also from your response. And I thank God for it. I hope these things can be discussed in a way that will minimize widespread misunderstanding. If you see any misrepresentations of your thinking please let me know.

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