Faithful for the Future Day Sixteen

We as a church exist to Disciple for God’s Great Commission. What does it mean to “disciple” or “make disciples?”


One verse that really has shaped the way I view my role as pastor and of our mission of our church in making disciples is in Colossians.


Read Colossians 1:28-29


This goes back to last week’s teaching about the centrality of the gospel. We preach Christ. We proclaim Him. Again, that is the central message. But we also teach. We instruct. We encourage. We help people grow in their relationship with Christ.
We also admonish or warn everyone. This involves confronting sin. This involves challenging people in areas of weakness.


But what’s the entire goal of a Great Commission church?

The answer: That we may present every single person in this fellowship mature in Christ. Complete in Christ. God has entrusted to us souls and we are commissioned to present them back to Him as an offering in that they are complete and mature.


And Paul reminds us that this is a labor. This is a struggle. Making disciples is hard work.


Getting people to make a quick decision about Jesus does not take much effort. But the slow, arduous process of making disciples who are growing and maturing in Christ can be exhausting for a church. But it is our chief task. Our Great Commission.
And the promise is that God’s energy works powerfully in us to do this. Again, we must rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives.


So a Great Commission church sees our chief mission, our primary task, to preach Christ and to encourage and teach everyone in their spiritual growth so that they are complete in Christ. They are mature. They are growing. They are dynamically living in obedience to Jesus.



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