Faithful for the Future Day Twelve

Over the past few days, we have seen the nature of the gospel. It is the most important message we can ever hear or share. It has inherent power. It has been entrusted to us to share so that God gets the glory in saving sinners. It is the word of truth. The gospel is also life!


But yet, what are the implications or results of the gospel?


These truths will affect how you think and how you relate to God. Embracing Jesus Christ as Savior and believing the gospel will produce things in your life that only God can accomplish.


Let’s just look at a few of them. And when you truly understand these realities and what they’ve accomplished in your personal life, they will radically change the way you live.


First of all, by trusting in Christ you have peace with God.


Read Romans 5:1-2


Instead of relating to God as our enemy or as an ominous judge who will punish us, we relate to Him as Heavenly Father who loves us, accepts us and blesses us. Only through Jesus, can we have peace with God.


This prevents a believer from despair and legalism. We don’t have to prove our worth to God through legalism and we don’t have to cower in despairing fear. Instead, we hold fast to the truth that through Christ we have ACCESS to God as our Father.


Secondly, not only do we have peace with God, but we are also free from condemnation, judgment, and His wrath.


Read Romans 8:1


Romans 8:1 is a mirror image of Romans 5:1. We have peace and we have no condemnation.


What does it mean that we are no longer under condemnation? How should this affect the way we think? The way we relate to God?


All of our sins have been imputed or credited or reckoned to Christ so that we are no longer guilty for them. Christ has taken our sin. In addition, the perfect life and record of Christ has also been imputed or reckoned or credited to us so that we are now counted as righteous in God’s sight. Based upon the work of Christ, God now declares us as not guilty in His sight!


In addition to peace and no condemnation, we also have God’s provision for growing in godliness because of the gospel.


Read Romans 8:32


Do you see the connection with the gospel? God did not spare Jesus. God sent Jesus to die in our place. Jesus was sacrificed as our substitute. That is the gospel.


But for what purpose? So that we could graciously be given all things? What are these “all things?”


Contextually, these “all things” link back to Romans 8:28-31—God’s loving us in eternity past, God’s predestination, God’s calling us out of darkness, God’s justifiying us, and God’s ensuring we will make it to heaven. In other words, all the blessings of our salvation that flow from the cross are included in these “all things” that God has graciously given us.


In additions, these blessings also pertain to growing in our Christian walk. Why do we grow? Why CAN we grow and glorify God and be more like Jesus? What gives us the power or the motivation or the strength to live the Christian life?

The answer: Because of the gospel.


2 Peter 1:3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.


So as a gospel-centered church, we must first get the message correct. The gospel message is the good news that Jesus lived a perfect life, died in our place by shedding His blood, and was raised on the third day to bring us into a relationship with God.


1 Peter 3:18 For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God,


So not only must we get the message correct, but we must also let these truths sink deep into our souls by preaching the gospel to ourselves everyday and realizing who we are in Christ because of the gospel.


Do you rejoice that you have peace with God? Do you stand in awe that your guilt and condemnation have been forever taken away? Do you rely on the power of God to give you all things needed to grow in Christ?


These are only available to you because of the gospel!


Spend some time in prayer thanking God for giving you “all things” in Christ through the gospel!





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