Faithful for the Future Day Ten

It is vitally important that we continue to declare God’s gospel.


Why? Because the gospel is the MOST important message we can hear or share. And secondly, because the gospel has inherent power to save.


So not only is the gospel the most important message and not only does it have inherent power, but the gospel is the valuable treasure of the glory of Christ.


Where do we see the glory of Jesus shine most brightly and most brilliantly? What makes us worship Jesus more fervently?

The answer: When we see Him in the gospel. So in other words, the gospel informs our worship. Last week, we explored this truth of living for the glory of God. That everything we say and do should be for the glory and name of Jesus as we live our lives as sacrifices for Him.


So how do we glorify Jesus with our lives? By living in a way that shines the gospel, because it is there that Christ is seen most gloriously.


Read 2 Corinthians 4:4-7


We are in a spiritual battle against the forces of wickedness. Satan as the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers from seeing what? The glory of Christ in the gospel.


So when we proclaim the gospel, which has inherent power and is our primary message, God does something miraculous. He opens blind eyes through the power of the Holy Spirit just like on the first day of creation where He said “Let there be light”—He shines in the hearts of unbelievers so that they can now see what? The glory of Christ in the gospel.


Before in our spiritual blindness, Jesus and the gospel was foolish. It was a waste of time. Jesus was just a good guy who had some good teachings. Jesus was not worthy of devotion with our entire lives.


But now when God shines that light in lost peoples’ hearts and regenerates them or causes them to be born again, they now see Jesus and He is wonderful. He is glorious. He is worth pursuing. He is valuable.

And what is the gospel? Paul calls it a treasure in a jar of clay. Why a jar of clay? Why a vulnerable, “easy-to-break” earthen jar? Why are we commissioned as feeble people to carry this treasure?


God has entrusted to us the greatest message—the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that when all is said and done—God alone gets the credit and His name is praised because of the surpassing power belongs to Him.


So, let’s follow the flow of the importance of declaring the gospel. The gospel is the most important message we could ever share. There is inherent power in the gospel. When the gospel is proclaimed this power is seen in transforming sinners to embrace the glory of Jesus. And this treasure of the gospel is entrusted to people like us to share with others so that in the end God gets the glory.


As a “jar of clay” would you commit to declare God’s Gospel to broken sinners so that their eyes can be opened to the forgiveness that is only found in Christ?


Spend some time in prayer thanking God that He overcame your spiritual blindness and shone His light in your heart. Praise God that He opened your eyes to the glories of Jesus. Thank God that He has entrusted you with sharing this gospel so that He alone gets glory.




















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