America’s Problem is Spiritual

America has a major problem. Many people think it’s political, or economical, or sociological. But it’s deeper than all those symptoms—the problem is spiritual. Allow me to give you an example: our public education system. As a nation, we are experiencing an increased level in behavioral problems, lowering test scores, and teachers suffering from fatigue, frustration, and most importantly, they want answers!

It seems that everyone has an answer to this problem. The politicians say it’s a matter of money. Social scientists say that it involves poverty, drugs, and claim that social justice is the answer. Answers come from all strata of our society. Yet, underlying it all is the fundamental breakdown of the family. And yet, nobody dares say this because it is not politically correct.

Many students in Logan County suffer from parents who are meth addicts, who are abusive, and who live in poverty. These issues are realities that we as concerned citizens must face. And there are many viable economic, political, and social interventions we can adopt to help address these ills. Yet, nobody in our culture wants to trace it back to a spiritual issue where couples are having children out of wedlock and the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman still stands as the most foundational pillar in our society for healthy, productive children. In essence, children are having children.

How has the church of Jesus Christ addressed this overwhelming issue? Do we get on a political bandwagon? Do we lobby for another social program? Do we throw more money at it? Do we bury our heads in the sand?

Or do we get on our knees and intercede for our nations families by prayer and fasting? Do we plead with a sovereign God to break forth in revival and bring authentic gospel transformation to our nation? Do we stop tying ourselves to politics and start begging our great God to do something far more powerful and long-lasting than a quick political fix?

These systemic issues in our culture are so vast that nothing less than a sweeping revival and great awakening in our nation will have a lasting impact. Dear reader, please don’t misunderstand me. Politics has its place. Social justice has its place. The social sciences and economics have their place. But in the end, lasting change will only occur when God’s people stand in the gap for the spiritual depravity of our nation and earnestly pray for revival and the transformative power of the gospel.

Yet this requires diligence, perseverance and faith. It won’t be easy. It may take time and energy. We’re fighting an uphill battle. But the future of our nation depends on nothing less than the power of Jesus and His gospel to change people from the inside out. Only when Jesus takes root in hearts will these deeply imbedded systemic and societal problems truly be addressed. Will you join me in praying for our nation? Especially for the children of our future? Pray that God would raise up godly fathers to lead their families to love and serve Jesus. Pray that God would truly do the impossible! We serve a powerful Lord and Savior and nothing is impossible with Him…especially when His people get serious about prayer!


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