40 Days in Philippians DAY TWELVE

Read Philippians 2:1-5


Yesterday, in verse 1, we saw four gospel blessings that empower us to adopt an attitude of Christ-like humility.


Now today, we find out what Paul is really after. In verse 2, we see the main verb in this entire section. He wants the Philippian church to make his joy complete. Again, it all comes back to joy. As a pastor suffering in prison, what would make him the most joyful is that the people back at the church that he loves would adopt an attitude of Christ-like humility and serve one another in the power of the gospel.


Let me just stop and say that as your pastor, this is one of my chief values for our church. I desire that we have a culture of humility where we do not act in pride and arrogance but that we walk in humility and in awe of God’s blessing upon our lives and our church.  I never want us to think that somehow we have “arrived” or that we are the latest and greatest church in Sterling or that we are superior in any way.


So how do we make Paul’s joy complete?


He gives four exhortations for us to adopt this Christ-like humility.


First of all, in verse 2, he tells us to have the same attitude or mind. Again, the word “attitude” shows up around ten times in Philippians. Paul wants us to be so unified that we are of the same mind. We are thinking the same way. We are all going in the same direction.


Now under this command to have the same mind or attitude, Paul gives three subheading or three particular ways that we can all have the same attitude.


These are all in what is called the present active imperative, which means that these are commands to be continually obeyed or displayed as a lifestyle.


Subheading One: Keep on continually loving one another or having the same love.  We have the same mind by having the same love for one another.


Read 1 John 3:16-18


Subheading two: Keep on continually being united in spirit. It literally reads be “one souled”. We as a church family need to be so intimately tied to one another that we walking in unison.
Go back and read 1:27


Subheading three: Keep on Continually being intent on one purpose—have one mind.


What is this one purpose to which the Philippians needed to be united?


Read Philippians 1:12-14


It all comes back to advancing the gospel.


So the first way we can make Paul’s joy complete is by having the same attitude. And under this big heading he gives us three ways to do that: have the same love, be one souled or in full accord, and have one mind or one purpose.


Does this describe us as Emmanuel? Are we having this compassionate, unified love for one another where we are walking arm in arm for the advancement of the gospel? And are we doing it with joy? Are we stifling or encouraging a culture of humility in our church?


Are there areas of pride or arrogance from which we need to repent?


Take some time to repent this morning if you need to. Ask God to create a culture of humility in our church.


Dear Father,

I am a prideful person. I admit it. I am so concerned with myself and I deeply want you to create in me a clean heart and see if there is any offensive way in me. I repent of any arrogance that I harbor in my heart. I want to be unified and of the same mind with my brothers and sisters here at Emmanuel. I want to be unified in our purpose of advancing the gospel. Please empower me through the gospel to do this for your glory.




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