40 Days in Philippians DAY ELEVEN

Read Philippians 2:1-5


Paul continues this theme of living a life worthy of the gospel and he wants to show us how the gospel empowers our ability to have a Christ-like humility. The entire theme of the first part of Chapter Two is Christ-centered humility. In order to maintain the unity of the body, as believers we must adopt a Christ-like humility.


In verse 1, he gives us four truths about what Christ has done for us in the gospel.  Many translations start with the word “if” but literally it should be translated “since.” In other words, Paul is saying that “in light of the fact that these things are true” or “since these are true in the gospel”….


What things are true in the gospel that will empower us to a Christ-like humility?


Paul lists four gospel realities that are glorious!
First of all, he says that we have encouragement in Christ. This word “encouragement” really means that we are secure in our union with Christ. We are “in Christ”! It flows back to our confidence in 1:6 where God promises to keep us secure in Christ to the very end.


Read Romans 8:1


This is the wonderful truth of justification by faith alone in that we are declared “not guilty” in Christ and have been given His righteousness so that we stand secure and no longer under condemnation


This security of our being “in Christ” is a gospel motivation to help us understand what it means to have a Christ-like humility.


Secondly, we have comfort from being loved by Christ.  This comfort is not our love for Christ, but His love for us.  There is great comfort in knowing that Jesus loves us.


There’s nothing more profound than the children’s song: “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”.  Are you comforted by the fact that the God of the universe who reigns in absolute sovereign majesty has dared to show you love through Jesus?


So not only are we secure in our union with Christ and comforted by being loved by Christ, but thirdly, we have a fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


Read 1 Corinthians 12:13


In the gospel, God has poured out the Holy Spirit into our hearts as a gift to empower and dwell in us forever. This is another gospel motivation to adopt a Christ-like humility.


Fourthly, Paul says that we have experienced a gut-wrenching compassion from Christ.  It’s funny that he has already told us just a few words before that we are loved by Christ, but he wants to remind us again. We can never get over the fact that Jesus loves us deeply.


The word “affection” is a strong word in the Greek, which means that Jesus “guts spilled out” or that he is “deeply moved to the core of His being”


Read Matthew 9:36 and you see the same word used here for “compassion”.


These four powerful gospel blessings give us great motivation and joy to maintain the unity of the body through an attitude of Christ-like humility.


Spend some time thanking Jesus for blessing you with these.


Dear Jesus,

I am so thankful that I am secure in you. I’m thankful that I am no longer under condemnation. I am thankful that You have deeply loved me to the point of gut-wrenching compassion. I thank you that You gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower and indwell me. These blessings are wonderful and they are given to me in the gospel. I am truly blessed.







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