40 Days in Philippians DAY NINE

Read Philippians 1:21-26


Yesterday we started exploring Paul’s desire to make much of Christ. Today, we will look at the third and fourth issues related to this passage of Scripture.


Thirdly, Paul had this internal struggle as evidenced in verses 22-24.  He really wants to go home and be with the Lord, but he also knows that there is still fruitful labor for him in his ministry.  Often times we just want to quit this life and we think it would be better to avoid all the mess down here and just go and be with Jesus. In His sovereignty, He hasn’t taken you home yet.


In the meantime, what fruitful labor does He have in store for you right now?


As a church, we are called to advance the gospel. This is fruitful labor for us as we continue to do ministry. We are doing the fruitful labor of children’s ministries, and youth ministries, and adult discipleship ministries, and missions to India and Russia, and the Rescue Mission, and Cooperating Ministries, and the prison and jail ministries, and all the various strategies God has called us to pursue.


Fourthly, Paul has a desire that in his living he would encourage the Philippians in two ways.


Read verse 25. In what two ways does Paul want to encourage them?


The word “progress” means “advancement”.  Paul’s desire was that they grow in their faith, and that the work that God started in them would be completed.  He desires that they would not stagnate.


Are you advancing in your knowledge and intimacy of Jesus? Are you stagnating? Why or why not?


The other way Paul wants to encourage them is in their joy in the faith. That they would “glory” in Christ Jesus.  It’s amazing that it all comes back to joy. And God’s glory through the gospel.


What evidences can you see in your life that the Holy Spirit is producing joy through the power of Christ?


How are you progressing in your spiritual walk with Christ? Are you stagnating or flourishing.


Spend some time today asking God to grow you in His grace.


Dear Lord,

I want to progress in my faith. I want to experience the fullness of Your joy. I want to grow intimacy with you. I want to do the fruitful labor of advancing the gospel. Please in Your powerful grace, would you do a deep work in me! May I glory in Christ today!























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