40 Days in Philippians DAY SIX

Read Philippians 1:9-11


In these passages, we see an actual prayer by Paul to the heavenly Father and he offers up two requests. First of all, he prays that their love would abound. How does this love abound? With knowledge and discernment.


Is your love for others in our church family abounding more and more? Is your love for Jesus abounding more and more?


The more you grow in your knowledge of the Scriptures, the more you grow in your love for Jesus. The more you learn about Him, the more you love Him.  There is a direct correlation between knowledge of Christ in the Scriptures and experiential love for Him in daily intimacy.
What if I told Dawn that I loved her and yet for the next 6 months, I lived in a hotel, never came home for dinner, didn’t call her, and didn’t ask about what was going on in her life.  Would that be love?? Or a cause for us to get some serious marriage counseling!


The more I know about Dawn, the more my love for her grows!


It is the same with our Savior. The more you grow in your knowledge and discernment of Him as revealed in the Bible, the more your love will abound and grow.


Now, Paul’s second request in this prayer is that they would demonstrate the fruit of a righteous life.


It’s interesting that Paul uses the term “fruit”. What is the “fruit” of righteousness that comes through Christ?


Read Galatians 5:22-23


Is this your prayer for yourself and your brothers and sisters in Christ at Emmanuel? Do you pray that the Holy Spirit would produce His fruit in your life so that you would overflow with Christ’s love to everyone around you?
Do you pray for holiness and integrity in your life that flows from your intimacy with Christ?


Notice how at the end of verse 11 these requests and thanksgiving are all summed in wanting to bring glory to God.  What is the chief end of man? To glorify God by enjoying Him forever.


Everything we do in life has the ultimate aim to glorify God.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:31


Read 2 Corinthians 5:9


Let these be your life verses!! Let us make it our aim and chief end to please and glorify God in all we do! As we move forward as a church, let us remember the very first words in our church’s mission statement: We exist to display God’s glory.


As elders, we have chosen those words carefully.  We wanted God’s glory to be central to all we do as a church and the first and most important driving factor in our life together. And yet God’s glory is something we must “DISPLAY”. We put His glory on display for others to see by how we live our lives. We don’t add any glory to God as He is absolutely glorious whether we worship Him or not, but all throughout the Scriptures, we are called to put this glorious God on display as we lift up Jesus Christ with our lives!




Spend some time this morning giving glory to God as you pray.

Dear Father in Heaven,

You are glorious. I want to make it my aim to glorify and please you with the totality of my life! I want my love for Jesus and my love for others to abound more and more as I spend time growing in my knowledge of You through the Scriptures.  Holy Spirit, I desperately want you to produce Your fruit in my life so that I can walk in holiness and overflow with joy to others.  Holy God, may I put You on display today as I live a life that brings you ultimate glory!

In the Name of Jesus,





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