40 Days in Philippians DAY THREE

Praise God we are saints in Christ Jesus!


Read Philippians 1:3-18


Paul begins his letter by giving thanks for God’s work in his life and in the life of the Philippian church. This is very typical of Paul to begin his letters with a word of thanksgiving to God.


By the way, have you stopped and thanked God for your church family? Have you stopped and thanked God for evidences of grace you are seeing in your brothers and sisters in Christ at Emmanuel?


The first thing Paul thanks God for is his JOY in the partnership in the gospel.  As we move through Philippians, these two words will show up over and over again: JOY and GOSPEL.


What exactly is joy?  It’s really hard to define, but I think we sure know what it is when we experience it. Joy is that deep seated sense of contentment and peace in God’s sovereignty regardless of our circumstances in where we absolutely bank of God’s promise to be God to us no matter what!


Read Nehemiah 8:10


Paul’s joy is very specific. He is joyful and thankful that this church is participating with Him in advancing the gospel.


That is the theme of our capital fundraising campaign: “Advancing the Gospel…Trusting His Provision.”  Our goal as a church is to joyfully advance the gospel to the ends of the earth. How can we do that? By continuing our various ministries such as children, youth, adult growth groups, mission trips, supporting missionaries, church planting, evangelistic outreaches, and all the things that God may have for us to do on the horizon that we haven’t even thought of yet.


One of the goals of this stewardship campaign is to join together in sacrificial giving to pay down the debt on the building. It is my dream as your pastor that we would be debt free in the next three years. By paying down the debt, we will be freed up financially to do more than what we are doing now to advance the gospel.


And by the way, what exactly is the gospel?


Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-4


The gospel is the good news concerning the perfect life, the sacrificial death, the victorious resurrection, the mighty ascension, the victorious reign, and the glorious second coming of Christ and His call for all people everywhere to repent and believe in Him alone for eternal salvation.


Are you thankful that you’re part of a church that is serious about advancing the gospel? Have you thanked God for being a partner in advancing the gospel through the ministries of Emmanuel and your own personal testimony?


Do you have a deep-seated joy in what God is doing to advance His gospel through your life and the life of this church?


Spend some time this morning thanking God with joy in your heart for the power of the gospel and your part in advancing it here in Northeastern Colorado and to the ends of the earth.


Father in Heaven,

Your gospel is ultimate power to save lost sinners! I want to be a part of a movement to advance the gospel in my own community here in Northeastern Colorado and to the ends of the earth!  Cultivate a deep joy in my heart to declare this gospel! Help me to preach the gospel to myself everyday!  Thank you for the power of the gospel in my own life! Now give me the boldness to advance this gospel to everyone I know!

For Christ’s Sake,



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