DAY FORTY EIGHT of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

In many churches and organizations there is a leadership vacuum. I pray that Emmanuel is a greenhouse where new leaders are being birthed, nurtured, and sent out all the time. I pray that we are all being fully trained and equipped to display obedient lives of worship and service that glorify God.

Read Titus 2:1-6

Paul is writing to a pastor named Titus and he gives him some instructions on how the different generations in the church interact with one another.

Older men are to be examples of godliness to the younger men. Older women are to train the younger woman how to be godly wives and mothers.

In other words, a healthy church practices intergenerational mentoring.  Maybe you’ve never been trained or taught be an older, wiser Christian on how to grow in your faith? Maybe you are an older, wiser Christian who needs to pass down what you’ve learned to the younger generation.

In a disciple-making small group, intergenerational mentoring can occur where new leaders are being produced on a continual basis.

Where else can you talk openly about issues you struggle with or ask questions to others who may be further along on the journey? A disciple-making small group should be safe place where those who struggle gain strength from those who are stronger in the faith.

Future elders, deacons, missionaries, church planters, and ministry leaders are in our church just waiting for someone to invest in them and help them grow in Christ.

Who in your life right now can you be a mentor to? Who in your life right now could mentor you? Who would you be willing to take a risk and ask if they could disciple you? Ask God to begin to show you how valuable intergenerational disciple-making can be.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you that we have a mutli-generational church. I thank you for all of those you’ve place to be my family here at Emmanuel. I need their wisdom and knowledge. Or maybe I need to pass my wisdom and knowledge down to the next generation. Give me wisdom to see how this would work. I continue to pray that Emmanuel would be faithful in reproducing leaders who are faithful and obedient to You!

In Jesus Name,



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