DAY FORTY FIVE of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

We live in a culture that is increasingly becoming hostile or suspicious of Christianity. How do we build bridges and make relationships with lost people? How to we become more obedient in living a missional lifestyle?

Pray for open doors!

Read the following verses:

1 Corinthians 16:9

2 Corinthians 2:12

Colossians 4:3

These are the prayers we need to be praying. We need to be asking God in His sovereign providence to open doors for us to the gospel. And when He does open those doors, we need to have the spiritual eyes to see His work and then walk in obedience through those open doors.

Being a missional church is not a PROGRAM. It is a culture and an ethos that only God can create and it takes time. To truly be obedient in making disciples means that we have to be willing to face hardship, obstacles, spiritual warfare, and stubborn human hearts in order to truly live on mission.

Being missional is not a program. It is not an event we tack onto our already busy lives. Being missional is the way we live.

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Be Missional:

1. Eat with non-Christians. Make one of the meals that you eat a day with someone who is a non-believer. Go to lunch with a co-worker. Invite the neighbors over for dinner. (don’t’ think you have to cook—you can order pizza)

2. Be regular. Instead of hopping around at different gas stations or coffee shops, try to frequent the same places and build relationships through being a regular

3. Hobby with Non-Christians—pick a hobby that you can share like city league sports, any types of lessons or things that interest you and don’t do it as a consumeristic way to improve your life but see it as way to live on mission for Christ

4. Pray for and talk to your co-workers—view your workplace as not just the place where you do your job but the mission field where God has placed you to be on mission

5. Volunteer for non-profits—spend once a month doing something to improve our community. Many Christians live in sub-culture where they don’t see ourselves as God’s instruments to serve our cities

6. Participate in community events—go to fundraisers, festivals, clean-ups, and other events—and strike up conversations.

7. Serve your neighbors—mow, weed, shovel, fix a car, go by an apartment and ask if anybody needs help to improve things—just serve your neighbors

See these are not new classes or events or programs that will require more of your time to sit and soak. Many of us are sponges that have been receiving and receiving and now we need to be wrung out so that we can share what God has put in. These may be things you’re already doing.

But now your lenses are different. Instead of seeing these as self-centered ways to improve your life, view these as ways to live as missional people.

In a culture that is becoming more hostile to Christianity and very suspicious of Christians, we need to understand that living missionally as servants and being humble and actively loving others where God has placed us will go very far.

Which of these 7 on the list do you think you can incorporate into your life right away? Ask God to give you wisdom and open doors.


In your sovereignty You have placed me right where you want me to be—in my job, my school, my neighborhood, around my circle of friends. Please open doors of effective ministry for me to share the gospel and to live as a missionary. Help me to see that living as a missionary is not a program or a class but a lifestyle of being intentional. Grant me the grace to walk boldly through those open doors when You move in my life.

In Jesus Name,



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