DAY FORTY FOUR of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

The famous day was July 20th, 1969. Many of you may remember where you were when this happened. It was the day that the Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon. It was the first mission where a human being actually made a lunar landing. It was commanded by Neil Armstrong along with Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. Armstrong and Aldrin landed in the Sea of Tranquility and became the first humans to ever walk on the moon. Just 9 years earlier President John F. Kennedy had a dream that by the end of the decade our nation would be the first to have someone land on the moon. This was a major victory for the US in the space race against Russia.

We can probably think of many famous missions in the history of the world. The first landing on the moon. D-Day—that massive mission of Allied troops which landed on the Normandy Coast in 1944 which signaled the eventual end of World War II. Or we think of the mission of Lewis and Clark who led the first expedition to the Pacific Coast in the early 1800’s. Or that famous mission in 1492 when Columbus discovered a whole new world in the Western Hemisphere.

Most of us resonate with a mission. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want the excitement and challenge of a mission. We like to watch our favorite sports team carry out a mission to win the championship. We may have a mission at our workplace that we are trying to accomplish.

As we grow to become more like Jesus, we have seen the importance of knowing and obeying the Word and also of practicing the gospel “one another’s”, but there is a another component to how a disciple-making small group will help you in your obedience to Christ.

A disciple: Tells the Gospel by living as a missionary

Read the following:

Mark 16:15

Luke 24:46-49

Acts 1:8

John 17:18

John 20:21

We have been sent on a mission to share the gospel in our workplace, in our schools, with our friends, in our neighborhoods, and wherever God has placed us.

In many Sunday School classes or Growth Groups, there is a high priority placed on Bible knowledge and relationship building and those are crucial, as we have seen. But often times, evangelism and missions are underemphasized and people aren’t challenged to see themselves as missioanries sent out into their spheres of influence to declare God’s gospel.

A disciple-making small group is a great context or environment to help and encourage you to be missional—to live as a missionary and to get involved in ministries or projects that advance the gospel.

What values make up a disciple-making small group that focuses on providing a context and encouragement for missional living?

A small group is never an island unto itself solely for the purpose of Bible study, but a community of gospel-centered people who together live on mission.  Through this avenue, believers can find creative ways to reach the community, evangelize the lost, support missions, and make disciples of all nations. Many groups can become insulated and narrowly focused on meeting the needs of the group instead of actively praying for and engaging the lost.  Missional living can manifest itself through a group doing a consistent mission project, evangelism training, outreach events, and seeking to invite new members to the group for the purpose of them hearing the gospel and experiencing gospel community.

Do you struggle with sharing your faith? Do you want an encouraging environment where others in this journey can help you live as a missionary?

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the gospel that You commanded me to preach to all creation. You’ve given me the wonderful privilege of sharing Your message of hope and love with people who desperately need you. But most of the time, I’m scared, don’t know what to say, fear rejection, and frankly don’t make the most use of my time. Give me a passion for souls and a desire to share your gospel. Help me see the value of being connected to a disciple-making small group where others can encourage and help me in this area!

In Your Name,



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