DAY FORTY THREE of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

Today is the last day we will focus on being a disciple through practicing the gospel one another’s. Again, being connected to a disciple-making small group is the best context to actually put these into practice.

Let’s explore a few more “one another’s”

  • Encouraging and comforting one another

Read Hebrews 3:12-13

The word for “Exhort” here means to come along side and encourage and comfort. It means to offer your presence as a support. Again, it means to keep on continually doing this.

For how long? EVERY DAY—it’s not just a one time thing were you are this happy clappy cheerleader smiling from the sidelines and urging someone else on with Christian cliché’s you find on mugs or bumper stickers. It means to get down deep in their lives and encourage them.

Read Hebrews 10:24-25

As we encourage one another on a daily basis, we spur or stir up one another to love and good works. We help prevent this drift into this hardening of our hearts due to sin’s deception.

Contrary to popular opinion, I as pastor NEED YOU! Yes, I’m your shepherd and I’ve been called by God to feed and lead you, but I desperately need you. I need your encouragement.

Here’s a sad thing—we are called to encourage each other EVERY DAY. How many days have gone by this week where a brother and sister in Christ who was not your spouse or parent encouraged you?

  • Praying for one another

Read James 5:16

This is a very interesting passage of Scripture because it links confessing our sins to each other in the context of praying for one another and then it adds that little phrase at the end—so you may be healed.

At first we may look at this as physical healing. Of course, when we pray for a person who’s sick or having an operation or is suffering from cancer, we want them to be healed physically.

But is that all this means? Can there be such a thing as healing that is spiritual and emotional?

Think about it this way—if we are bearing one another’s burdens, and encouraging one another, and forgiving one another and welcoming one another and striving for peace with one another, do you think things in our lives will be HEALTHIER!!

As you pray for God’s grace in your life to transform you more into the image of Jesus, we are called to practice the gospel “one another’s” on a daily basis. The best context or environment to do this as believers outside of our homes is in a disciple-making small group.

It is here that you can know others and be known by others. You can receive encouragement and love one another and bear each other’s burdens and pray for one another and express these in practical ways. You can experience the joy of being in a family of believers that loves you and accepts you and wants the best for you.

Dear Father,

I am thankful that you have taken me on this 50-day journey to understand more about my identity, the gospel, and the need to grow in my obedience to you. I know that I need to be in a context where I can learn and obey your word and also practice the “one another’s”. Please open my heart to connecting to a disciple-making small group so that I can truly live out what it means to passionately follow you.



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