DAY THIRTY ONE of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

What is Scripture saturation?

  1. Reading the Scripture
  2. Studying the Scripture
  3. Memorizing the Scripture
  4. Meditating on the Scripture
  5. Obeying the Scripture   

5.  Obeying

Read James 1:22-25

If we don’t obey what we have heard or read or meditated upon or memorized, then we are living a lie. This word “look” means to bend over and carefully examine something from the clearest possible view. The Word of God brings freedom, not bondage

Read Psalm 19:7-9

Not only are we to intently study and dig and meditate into the Scriptures but also we are to persevere in them. This word means to remain or stay put in the Scriptures. To not deviate or waver in obedience, but to keep committed to God’s Word. Consistently obeying God’s Word brings blessing!

One of the primary goals of a disciple-making small group and its help for you in your being conformed to the image of Christ is that we should be both learning for information and transformation. So the process is not complete until we actually OBEY!! We can read all we want and study and meditate and memorize but if it does not translate into active obedience, then we are not becoming what God has intended us to become.

So here are some application questions you may want to ask after you’ve read a passage of Scripture. In addition, all of our disciple-making small groups are going to make this a priority in teaching.

Application questions:  Does this passage reveal something I should:

  • Believe about God?
  • Praise or thank or trust God for?
  • Pray about for myself or others
  • Have a new attitude about?
  • Make a decision about?
  • Do for the sake of Christ, others, or myself?

Spend some time in prayer right now thinking about these questions. In what specific ways do you need to obey Jesus TODAY?

Dear Jesus,

You have given me Your Word not only for information, but for transformation. I want to obey your word as well as find out what it means. I want knowledge and obedience. Please show me how you want me to specifically obey your Word TODAY!

In Your Name,


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