DAY FIFTEEN of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

When Jesus commanded us to make disciples, he laid forth a three-fold process (going, baptizing, and teaching).  So we can summarize what a disciple in Christ is by the following:

A disciple is:

  • A sent missionary (going/sharing/engaging culture)
  • Baptized into a family (relational/church body/fellowship)
  • A learner of the Word (knowledge/doctrine/study)

Or we could also say that a disciple loves Jesus with his or her:

  • Hands/Mouth
  • Heart
  • Head

As we continue to think about our identity, we are also a sent missionary who uses our hands and mouth to share the gospel of Christ.

Do you see yourself as a missionary sent on a mission to share the gospel of Christ with others? When we think of missionaries we often think of our partnership in India or Russia, but God calls all of us to represent Him wherever He has placed us.  We are to live sent!

Read John 20:21

When Jesus says that He has sent us into the world as missionaries, it means that we are His hands and mouth. We worship Jesus by going. Going doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to go to India or Russia or Mexico or on some far away mission trip. Jesus already assumes that you are going—you are living life in your sphere of influence. God has placed you specifically among a group of people who need to hear His message of the gospel.  For most of us, “Going” means to live intentionally where we are as we go about our daily lives. It means being intentional at work, school, play, and in the natural ebb and flow of our lives.

Again, do you see yourself as a missionary sent on a mission from Jesus to share His gospel with others?

Read Colossians 4:2-6

Are you praying this way? Are you praying that you are watchful for God’s activity in ordaining “divine moments” to share the gospel as “you are going”? Are you praying for open doors?  Are you praying for boldness? Are you making the most of your time? Is your conversation gospel-centered? Are you ready to give an answer to whoever asks?

As we think about identity, let us consider how this fuels our activity as a sent missionary.

Since we are chosen, loved, and accepted by the Father, and purchased, forgiven, and righteous in the Son, and indwelt, empowered, and sanctified by the Spirit, we in turn love and seek to glorify the Father, treasure and submit to the Son, and wholly depend on the power of the Holy Spirit.

We want to share this good news with others because of the overwhelming love with which God has showered upon us.  We want to tell sinners of Christ’s forgiveness. We want to tell sinners that they can be accepted by God like we have. We can rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to open our mouths and declare the gospel.

We share with our MOUTH and serve with our HANDS not out of duty or obligation or guilt, but out of joy, love, and our identity in Christ. Why wouldn’t we want to share with others what God has marvelously done for us!

Living as a sent missionary flows out of our identity in Christ!

Spend some time asking God to give you opportunities to share the gospel. Pray for boldness. Pray that he would open your eyes to being intentional as you are “going”. Pray that you would make the most of your time.

Exalted Father,

You own my life and have absolute rights over my time! I want to be intentional as I live as a sent missionary to the people you’ve specifically placed in my life. I want to be bold. Please grant me boldness to share the gospel. Please enflame my heart with a fresh view of my identity in You and let that compel me to share with others. I want to glorify you today with my MOUTH and my HANDS!

For Jesus’ sake,



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