DAY TWELVE of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

Remember who we are!! We are chosen, loved, and accepted by the Father, purchased, forgiven, and righteous in the Son, and indwelt, empowered, and sanctified by the Spirit.  This is our new identity as a believer in Jesus Christ. God has done a wonderful work of transformation in our lives from the inside out.

As we think about who we are, we must also consider how we relate and interact and fellowship with each Person of the Trinity. Yesterday, we saw how we related to God the Father in that we love Him with our entire selves and we seek His glory above all things.

Today, let’s explore how we relate or interact or follow Jesus the Son.

Since we are purchased, forgiven, and righteous in the Son, we in turn treasure and submit to Jesus.

There are two key words we must fully understand: TREASURE and SUBMIT.

Read Matthew 13:44-45

In this parable, Jesus is really comparing Himself to a buried treasure and this extraordinary pearl of great price.  When we enter into a saving relationship with Jesus, He becomes our ultimate treasure. We value and prize Him above everything else. He becomes our chief joy. He becomes our magnificent obsession. Everything else in all the world pales in comparison to treasuring Jesus as our precious, most valuable passion.

You honor and value and spend a lot of time on what or who you treasure. That thing or person you value becomes your primary occupation and you re-orient your entire life around what you treasure.

In essence, Jesus says that He is to be our infinite treasure of surpassing worth.

But in addition to treasuring Jesus, we are also called to submit to Him. Our culture doesn’t really understand the word “submission”. It means to align our lives under the kingly rule of Jesus as our Sovereign Master.

Read Luke 9:23-25

These are radical words from our Savior and they are counter-intuitive. Jesus commands us to lose all so that we would gain Him.  Jesus calls us to die to ourselves and our desires and our wants and our priorities and to treasure and submit to His Lordship and right to rule our lives.

Sometimes we think that submitting to Christ’s lordship means that we have to begrudgingly obey Him out of sheer duty because we “have to”.  Remember the parable earlier about the man finding the buried treasure? The Scripture says that it was his “JOY” to follow Jesus.

Treasuring and submitting to Jesus as Lord brings immense joy to our lives. We don’t have to obey out of duty but out of delight. In other words, we obey and follow Jesus because we WANT to. He is worth it. We want to submit to His right to rule our lives because we value Him above all else.

Do you passionately WANT TO treasure and submit to Jesus? Do you value Him above all else? Do you seek to orient your entire life under His Lordship? Is He your magnificent obsession?

Read Philippians 3:8-11

Does this describe you? Do you want to passionately know Jesus more deeply and to treasure and submit to Him as your all-consuming satisfaction?

Spend some time in prayer telling Jesus that you love Him and that you desire to treasure and submit to His Lordship.

Dear Jesus,

You are the absolute pearl of great price and infinitely valuable and wonderful. You have every right to rule my life as King. I want to deny myself, take up my cross daily, and follow You. Not because I have to, but because You are worth every second of it. You are my treasure. You are my Master.  I want you to be my magnificent obsession! Jesus, reign in my life and let me treasure and submit to You today!

In Christ’s Name,




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