DAY SIX of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

Today we are going to focus on our relationship with Jesus, the Son.  What is our identity in Christ?

We are purchased, forgiven, and righteous in the Son. This defines us.  Our past, guilt, and shame do not define us any more. We are defined by who Christ has made us to be in His great mercy.

First of all, we are purchased by Jesus.

Read Titus 2:14 and 1 Peter 1:18-19

Both these passages speak of Jesus buying us or redeeming us or purchasing us with His precious blood. Which brings up an interesting question. Why in the world do we need to be purchased or bought with the blood of Christ?

The answer: Because we are in bondage or slavery to our sin. The Bible says that we are in spiritual bondage and we in no way can break ourselves free. We need Christ to come and break us out of our prison cell and to free us. The wonderful price He paid was His blood.

Read Galatians 3:13

This is amazing, because it means that now we are the property of Christ. We have been bought at a price and we no longer live to please ourselves but to please Jesus. It means that we are no longer the masters of our lives, but Christ is the Master. We’ve been freed to serve and love Him.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

The reason we are to flee sexual immorality is because Christ has purchased us with His precious blood and we no longer belong to ourselves, but to Him. We are blood-bought and now our new identity consists in glorifying Him with the choices we make with our body.

Spend some time today praising Jesus for liberating you out of your slavery to sin and purchasing you with His blood.  Remember your past life of darkness and how He has transferred you into His kingdom of light.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your redeeming blood. I am so thankful that You bought me out of my prison cell of sin and shame. I was spiritually in bondage and you freed me by your death. I am your possession and I was bought at the wonderful price of you blood! May I never take for granted what You did in rescuing me and granting me your amazing grace.

In Your Name,



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