Day FIVE of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

Not only has God chosen us, but also we are deeply loved by God.

Red the following verses:

Romans 1:7, 5:8

God demonstrates His love to us in sending Christ to die for us.

Ephesians 2:4-7

Count how many times Paul uses a word for love! “Rich in mercy”! “Great love!” “Immeasurable riches of his grace”!

1 John 3:1-9

John wants us to stop and think and be blown away that the infinite holy majestic God of the universe has actually loved us and adopted us as His children!

This is our identity! We are deeply loved by a gracious heavenly Father.

But not only are we chosen, and deeply loved, but also we are totally accepted by the Father on account of Christ.

Read Romans 5:1-2

Because of Christ’s work on our behalf, we stand secure and accepted in God’s grace. We have been granted access to the King. The imagery here in this passage is of Christ ushering us into the presence of the King who otherwise would cast us out of His presence because He is so holy and sovereign. But now through Christ, we have an introduction or access or an acceptable position before the throne of God above.

I have been heavily influenced by the writings of John Owen because he has captured what it means to deeply worship God and he makes you really think. One of the most profound books I’ve read by him is entitled “Communion with God: Fellowship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” There has been one paragraph in that book that has truly impacted me over the years and I want to share it with you.

He writes, ““When we see the love of God, we will delight in Him…once the heart is taken up with the height and majesty of God’s love, we cannot choose but to be overpowered, conquered, and endeared to Him…exercise your thoughts upon the eternal, free, and fruitful love of the Father and when you do this, you will find that your heart is wrapped up in delight for Him…Sit down a little at the fountain and you will quickly discover the sweetness of the streams. You who have run from Him, will not be able to keep a distance from Him for a moment.”

I love that! Sit down with God and spend some time with Him and just be overwhelmed by His love. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you. And when you draw near and sit at the fountain of His love—there is sweetness in His presence. You won’t want to run any more. You won’t want to hide or get distracted or feel guilty or feel defeated. You will not be able to keep your distance from Him at all because His love has overpowered your heart and you want to be there. You desperately desire to be in His presence.

Spend time today with the Father praising Him for what He alone has done for you and your identity in Him. You are chosen, loved, and accepted by the heavenly Father!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your love is overwhelming! To think that you chose me before the foundation of the world is totally incomprehensible! Why me! I had nothing to offer you but my sin and shame and yet in your great love, you showered me with grace in Your Son and now I am deeply loved and accepted by You! I want to sit at Your fountain and soak up the sweetness of Your love for me! May I truly live in Your love today and always remember your grace toward me in Christ.

In His name,



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