Day TWO of 50-Day Spiritual Journey

Many have seen the “Transformers” movies with cars and trucks transforming into talking robots that fight each other with great special effects. If only the process of Christian transformation were that glamorous and easy.

In reality, the process of becoming more and more like Jesus may take time, be painful, and at times, seem like no growth at all.  But remember from yesterday, God has predestined you to be conformed to the image of Christ, so He will ensure that it happens.

The second key verse in our 50-day journey also expounds on this idea of being conformed to look more like Jesus.

Read 2 Corinthians 3:18

The major truth in this passage is this: “The more we look AT Jesus, the more we will look LIKE Jesus”.

The word for “behold” means to gaze or to look in a mirror. When you look in the mirror, you spend time making sure that you don’t walk out the door looking like a freight train hit you!!  Our culture spends a lot of time looking at ourselves in mirrors.

In Greek mythology, Narcissist was enamored with his beauty and spent all his days looking at himself in a reflective pool because he was so in love with himself. Narcissism occurs when you are self-absorbed, highly competitive, vain, and you are basically in love with yourself.

Instead of looking at ourselves, Paul tells us in this passage to look at the glory of the Lord. And when we spend time looking at Jesus through His Word and abiding in Him through prayer, a wonderful thing happens to us.  We begin to become transformed into his same image.  This is very similar to the Romans 8:29 passage from yesterday.

The word for “transformed” is where we get our English word “metamorphosis”.  As we continue to spend time with Jesus looking at His glory, we undergo this metamorphosis by the Holy Spirit.

Yet, do you notice the process? We won’t grow as much to look LIKE Jesus, if we don’t spend the time necessary looking AT Jesus.

The Puritan John Owen in his book “The Glory of Christ” says this: “One of the greatest privileges and advancements of believers, both in this world and to eternity, consists in their beholding the glory of Christ.”

Do you believe that? One of your greatest privileges and the best way for you to advance in your spiritual growth is to gaze on the glory and beauty of Christ.  It takes time. It takes adjusting priorities. It takes time reading the Word and digesting its depths. It takes time praying and passionately pursuing Jesus.

Read John 15:5

Spend time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give you the desire to spend time looking at Jesus in His Word.

Sovereign Spirit,

You promise to transform me as I look at Jesus. Many times I don’t feel like praying or reading my Bible. I have so many distractions. I usually don’t make pursuing Christ a high priority. Please change my heart and give me the desire to want to spend time with Jesus. Inflame my heart with love for Him!

According to Your grace.



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